Linda Beck

On Broadway
and the Musical Geniuses
of the '20s and '30s.


Since retiring from a career teaching English, Linda Beck has directed her energies to the study of Broadway musicals from the early Twentieth Century. She began by collecting the songs of Cole Porter and reading everything possible about his life. Her interests soon widened to include other well-known creators of musicals and some of the great performers of the period. And they continue to expand.

Linda has taught courses for Later Life Learning at the University of Toronto and for the Life Institute at Ryerson University, and she has lectured for George Brown College Seniors Association and Lifelong Learning Mississauga. She also does multimedia presentations for retirement homes, synagogues and private groups.

Linda Beck Photo Colour
times square at night

We have seen Linda Beck's presentations on Cole Porter and Fred Astaire and have heard her talk about musical theater generally. Her work is terrific. She knows her material inside out, has great video clips to illustrate it, and is an entertaining speaker.

~ Ilsa and Mike Bush

Linda Beck’s talks are carefully researched and beautifully organized. She speaks with clarity and enthusiasm. Her talks offer interesting information not only about the Broadway composers, theirs works, and their lives, but also about the important social and political circumstances in which these composers worked.

~ Allen Koretsky

I attended Linda Beck’s talk on Mel Brooks, on September 26, 2017. I found it both informative and entertaining, reflecting considerable research and presented in a manner that was both well organized and enhanced by numerous visual and musical examples. It was a fun way in which to learn about one of my favorite show business persons.

~ Marc Isaacson